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Learn more about the world around in a spectacular, intriguing, and attractive way.

Measure whether your scream is as loud as the noise of a lawnmower or whether you are quite capable of outshouting a Boeing, jump with so much energy that you turn red on the thermal camera, and step into the middle of a tornado if you dare. And afterwards, relax on a bed of nails.

No, we're not joking – yes, you're getting it right! In this theme park for children and grownups, you can push the boundaries of ordinary. Expect unbelievable emotion! Our wonder park in Bangkok is the right place for some unique experience and interesting experiments! To boot, you can have some fun playing games, taking lots of impressive pictures and videos, and learning a load of new, phantastically interesting stuff!

WOW park is an interactive amusement park, an optical illusion museum, and an entertainment center rolled into one. Everyone will like it here – kids, teenagers, and grownups!

Welcome to WOW park, a wonder park in Bangkok!

Where Your Curiosity
Will Grow as Big as an Elephant!



More than 40 exhibits

a great wow collection for the sincerest of emotions.

No other place can offer you the same experiences as WOW park, our science and entertainment center!

Attentive guides

will turn your visit into a real show with interesting facts and unexpected answers to clever and not-so-clever questions.

Don't hold yourself back!

Fun team

By the way, meet Doppi.
You will see his strange face many times again, and hopefully, you will love him. He's the mascot of our theme park in Bangkok. Doppi loves having fun and making new friends. You can be his friend, too!

Also, we are very photogenic

Take wow photos, shoot cool TikToks, share with the world, and collect likes and questions like “where's that?”

And don't forget to tell all your amazed friends and family members that you're at our entertainment center in Bangkok. Your recommendations are making us happy!

You'll feel super WOWed

For Parents

Our family theme park isn't another kids' play area where parents yawn and glance at their wristwatches. It is going to be exciting for all! You'll probably enjoy it even more than your son or daughter!

Discover a new side of your kid. Awaken their curiosity and thirst for new knowledge and hobbies through fun games.

For Teachers

More than 40 exhibits in the park mean more than 40 opportunities to interest children in school subjects and show science from a new angle.

No desks or blackboards, just games and experiences! Here, at this entertainment center, kids will forget about their smartphones.

Warning: in the end, you will get kids who like to ask questions. Are you ready?

For Travel Agencies

Surprise your guests with an original program looking so good compared with some relaxed sightseeing and shopping. Our curious entertainment for children and grownups will add emotion to your holiday!

In addition, we have a special offer for agents and agencies. Shall we discuss it?

For Yourself

If you have already tried everything and have been everywhere, come visit us! Here you will find phenomena that you may have heard of but never seen. It's worth trying it yourself. Our illusion park will leave you seeing the world at a different angle!

Charge your smartphone ;) Visiting our theme park makes one's desire to take pictures and shoot videos irresistible!

Have a Birthday?
Here's a Discount!!

Just tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll prepare a special offer on the day of your celebration, as well as for 5 days before and after it

WOW Rates

Get your tickets now – you’ll like it!
Want to know why?

– well you won’t need to wait in a queue, and we get queues pretty often!
– and you get your tour at exactly the time you want it, which matters because, at times, we get up to fifty people in an hour.

Here is useful information that helps plan your visit:
– Visiting time at WOW park is limited to 90 minutes, during which time you can see all the exhibits and take pictures.
– The duration of the science show is 40 minutes.
– If you have purchased a ticket but cannot visit the park on the scheduled day, please contact us to reschedule your visit.  Please note that there are no refunds for tickets in any case.
–The combo tickets are sold only on weekdays, excluding public holidays and weekends.

- Free entry for children under 3 years old.
- We have restrictions: the baby trolley is not allowed inside the museum due to the safety rules and limited area.
- Food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum.

Science Show

You definitely won't fall asleep at such a 'class'
at the WOW park entertainment center!
We'll be sending electric shocks,
freezing things to a temperature of -196 degrees Celcius,
turning ice to steam, and setting hairs on edge and hands on fire!

It’s Not Magic, It’s Physics

Vivid interactive programs

about how the world

and laws of physics work

and what natural phenomena can do

You will see for yourself at our interactive entertainment center. Get in the shoes of a real scientist and a crazy researcher!

We can prepare an exciting, tailor-made program with experienced tour guides just for your group. A visit to our entertainment center will be the source of vivid emotions and impressions for kids, teenagers, and adults!

Enough Words – Just Give It a Try!

Group tours

We organize a tailor-made exciting program with experienced tour guides just for your group.
Contact us
Tell us about the age
and interests of the participants
Choose a convenient
date and time
That's it! Have fun, learn, take wow photos and videos

Curiosity is the Future!

We offer three options for partnering with our business:


We are looking for an investor or investors to open a large park in Bangkok (2000-2500 sq.m.). We already have a complete project!


We can open a park for you if you have the premises and investment: develop the concept, bring in the exhibits, find and train staff, and advertise!


You own a space and want to open a park in it.

Contact us via email: [email protected]

This is where we are

Gateway Ekkami, 5th Floor
982, 22 Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Phra Khanong, Khet Khlong Toei

Operating hours:
10:00 AM — 10:00 PM daily

Give us a call: +66 97 783 0150
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